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Artist: Laszlo Czinege

Self-taught artist producing sculpture and wood installations at Flying Pig Wood located in the woods near Burr Oak State Park in Morgan County, Ohio.  All pieces are original one-of-a kind items developed by Laszlo and his wife, Carolyn.  Very often, these designs are created specifically for/with a particular client.  All pieces are carved and finished by hand, some are completely hand-made.

Born in Budapest in 1955, Laszlo became a U.S. citizen in 1964.  Even though he has had a lifelong interest in art and music, he never considered sculpture as a profession till after leaving college.  " I had worked just about any job available since before I got to high school, and I learned about the the characteristics of wood and the mechanics of woodworking at a stint with a musical instrument manufacturer and freelance work with a fine furniture studio.  I had done some slate carving back in high school but never considered wood before.  It seemed like a natural progression, and it was the only thing that challenged me enough to hold my interest.  That, and I was lucky enough to find a woman, that would be my wife Carolyn, who believes in my art and supports me throughout."

Each piece starts out as seasoned rough-sawn lumber selected by the artist from local hardwood yards and mills.  In some cases, as in the snakesticks for example, he collects the raw stock from the forest and seasons it himself.  The type of wood chosen is determined by what the client desires and the demands of the project.  He prefers to work in Honduran Mahogany and Western Cedar, but he has worked with a wide variety of local and imported wood, including:

- Maple, hard and soft; Figured Maple
- Walnut, Hickory, Cherry & Cherry Burl
- Osage-Orange, Spalted woods
- Rosewood, Walnut Burl
- Ebony, Ash
- Musclewood
- Oak, Poplar






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