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All work is contracted through Chimaera Multi-media (Click here for Contact information).

All design, and drawings are done in consultation with the client and terms including deposits, if any, agreed upon before work commences.

Once the project is finished, it will be presented to the client and at that time (or within a reasonable time frame) the client will have the opportunity to decide whether the finished piece is acceptable or not, barring any minor adjustments/alterations.  If the client finds it satisfactory, it will be turned over or installed for the price originally agreed upon.  If not, there is no further obligation nor claim on the part of the client, and the piece remains with the contractor, Chimaera Multi-media.

Photos and images of all items are the property of Chimaera Multi-media.  May only be used with permission (granted in writing).

Photo credits:

John Sattler
Sattler Photography and Framing
478 Richland Ave.
Athens, OH 45701

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Photo credits: John Sattler