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Casa Nueva Project — This installation was part of a renovation-expansion project for the restaurant/bar, doubling capacity and included a new stage, as well as a 60 ft. bar.  We were contracted by the management to create a backdrop for the bar, a local favorite, that would be as good or better than the one that was being replaced, which was one of the focal points of the place.  They had chosen a tree theme and I submitted four different designs for consideration before a final decision was made.

As part of the agreement, the Casa provided some of their employees to work on aspects of the project, which was in keeping with their business philosophy, and a means of cost managment.  They were involved in certain aspects of the finishing, transportation and final installation.  This arrangement was new for us, but benefited both parties; they provided labor for us and reduced the overall burden and time factor, while gaining a greater personal stake in the final result.  It is a great example of what cooperation between client and artist can render.

Some of the steps in the 6 month project are illustrated below:




Western cedar 4"x6" rough-sawn western cedar lumber jointed and glued to form the initial blank for the main body of the piece.




Casa crew sanding out the initial carving and preparing the surface for final finishing. Pieces were added to the initial blank to fill out the final design, measuring roughly 9' tall and 9.5' wide.




Final result. One of three items contracted by the restaurant for this project.















































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Photo credits: John Sattler